seeing red

Really this post should be titled BUYING red. Because that is what I'm doing.

(Unless you are John, in which case I am not.)

military jacket | white tee (only $17!) | cropped denim | fringed ankle boot | gold lariat necklace (can be styled LOTS of ways) | photos by jnelly photography 

The answer is yes. I AM aware that I look like a Tower Guard in my jacket. And the other answer is NO. I do not care. 

Y'all. I am obsessed with the color red. And not just because I went to THE BEST school in the SEC (#godawgs), although it helps. If you want to update your wardrobe this fall, but without spending a zillion dollars to do so, then incorporate some red. (And if you ARE planning to spend a zillion dollars on your wardrobe, then will you take me with you? pleaseandthankyou.) 

My fave way to mix in such a bold color is via a fun accessory, like shoes or a bag. And let's be honest. For me, It's mainly shoes. Because HI MY NAME IS SHERRI AND I AM A SHOE ADDICT. But there are some great clothing options as well, and because I love y'all so dang much, I'm rounding up my favorite RED, friday faves style. 

You are welcome. Also, GO DAWGS. 


P.S. For those of y'all thinking ahead, any one (or five) of these would make an excellent Christmas gift. And what are blogs for, if not peer pressuring you into Christmas shopping in October.