whiten those teeth like a boss + a giveaway

This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you've been a reader for any amount of time, y'all know that I value authenticity in a big way. For example, I will never tell you that I'm the Pinterest-y, fun mom. I'm NOT. I'm the mom that forgets school pictures and buys all her snacks from the (non organic) grocery store. And I won't ever tell y'all that a leather miniskirt is my go-to outfit for, well, probably ANYTHING. Unless "leather miniskirt" is code for ACTUAL SWEATPANTS. (Which is my go-to outfit for everything.)

But, there is ONE AREA in which I actively try to be as inauthentic and fake as possible.  

And that area is my TEETH. 

Y'all, when your marshmallow teeth have basically funded your dentist's children's college education, then you just want to do whatever it takes to hide the fact that they are a total dumpster fire

And the biggest fake it til you make it? A bright, white smile. Because ain't nobody gonna guess that white smile girl also spent 10k on emergency dental work last year. 

My teeth have always been fairly white, probably because I'm not scared to be that freak who drinks her coffee through a straw. But, since I draw the line at using straws for red wine (which is saying a lot because I may or may not have once put splenda in my wine)....well, let's just say that my pearly whites have been looking a little dingy lately. 

Enter Smile Brilliant. Y'all, this is by far the best at home whitening product I've ever used. First of all, it's so easy. You get a kit in the mail, make your impressions for your custom fitted teeth whitening trays, (SUPER easy, btw), and then send them back. All of the packaging in order to do so is included. You'll receive custom whitening trays, along with teeth whitening gel & desensitizing gel. I honestly saw results with the first application, and it only got better from there.  My very favorite aspect of the Smile Brilliant Kit is the desensitizing gel. Turns out, my marshmallow teeth are super sensitive, and I felt ZERO tooth sensitivity because of this product. 

And here's the best part: Smile Brilliant is giving one RATMJ reader a $139 credit toward any of their at home whitening kits. Just click here to enter. PLUS, everyone who uses the code ratmj15 will receive a $15 off coupon. 

a little before and after action for ya!

a little before and after action for ya!

Because if our teeth are going to have 97 cavities, then at least they can look pretty doing it.

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*Giveaway is open for two weeks. You MUST enter through the link to be counted.  Giveaway is for $139 credit- and is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents.*