these streets will make you feel brand new

too many outfits to recap, so see below for a few faves

take your kids to new york, they said. It'll be FUN they said. 

(To be fair, it WAS really fun. Until it wasn't. But that wasn't NYC's fault. We'll get to that.)

John and I had the idea to take the kiddos to the city for AG's birthday. We surprised them on a Thursday morning, and they were thrilled. Since this is my first time taking kiddos to NYC, I thought I would share a little roundup of the things we did RIGHT. And then some MJOR PARENT FOULS. 


1. Our shoe game was strong, y'all. Like, way strong. Remember when it used to be totally embarrassing and touristy to wear sneakers and jeans in NYC? Nope. Not with today's sneaks. Happy feet = happy kiddos = happy MAMA.

2. We didn't try to fit in too many activities. Because it's New York y'all. We will be back. So, we basically aimed for the staples : Times Square (i.e. the M&M store, because that's literally ALL MY KIDS CARED ABOUT), Top of the Rock, the Lego store (DUHHHHHHH), the Staten Island Ferry (hi, Lady Liberty, we see you!), and the Natural History Museum. Which to be fair, was probably really for John more than anyone else. 

3. We didn't worry about fancy dinners. Or brunch. Kid places ALL the way. We even ate at a Chipotle. Because we are FANCY.

4. We built in some afternoon chill time every day. This also works in case your fave football team wants to STOMP it's arch nemesis. A-HEM.

5. We stayed at The Benjamin Hotel. Y'all, trust me when I tell you this is not a sponsored post, and I'm not being paid. The staff at the Benjamin was so good to us that they truly deserve a shoutout. Plus, the location (midtown, but quiet midtown), the accommodations (separate room for mom and dad, plus a mini kitchen, which was CLUTCH), and a PILLOW MENU??? Um, yes. All the yeses. If their 5 foot side sleeper pillow could've fit in my bag, it would have come home with me.


1. We didn't take a stroller. And y' many times do I have to throw my back out carrying my child in order to remember that kids under 5 will literally sit down on a sidewalk and cry until you pick them up.


2. Someone in the family may have tried to incorporate a little shopping. Guess what kids aren't interested in? The newest fashions at Topshop. 


3.  Museums, while fun for certain DADS, are fun for kids for maybe 12 minutes. After that, all they wanna know about are the toys in the gift shop.

Okay, this last one starts off on the bad list, but ends on the good list. Because this is my list and I can do what I want. 

4. Massive asthma attacks. That happen at midnight. That require an ambulance to transport your 3 year old son to NYU. Being admitted to intensive care, and the upheaval that goes along with that. Emotional and otherwise. 

BUT, here's the good y'all. The EMTs. The phenomenal doctors, nurses, and NYU staff that treated Bo. The hotel that extends your stay, calls to check on your son, and leaves a wine and cheese plate in your room when finally do get discharged from the hospital. Most of all, the massive amounts of support and prayer from family and friends, during what is undoubtedly the scariest moment of your life. I have so much love for all my people after this trip.  

I also have a lot of love for strollers and asthma medicine. 

And topshop.