a new day

I know lots of y'all probably think that all I do is swan around Nordstrom and Anthro, letting them take WAY TOO MUCH of my money. And I'll tell you the same thing I tell John: it's MY WORK. DON'T JUDGE ME. RUDE. 

(jk, I judge myself for finding a way to make shopping my job. #itsfine)

BUT, just like the next girl, I appreciate a good bargain. And as we are well aware, I am a huge fan of finding my bargains at Target. We have a complicated relationship, Target and I. It's sometimes more of a love/hate thing. Like, I LOVE the things I find there, and yet John HATES my general lack of self-control around all. the. deals. 

On a recent foray into my local Target, I noticed their clothing line, A New Day. And y'all. When I tell you that the pieces in this line are total wardrobe staple material, well....when have I ever led you astray?

Never. Probably. 

Thus, I bring you an outfit that is about 80% from Target. Which means that the grand total was probably somewhere around FREE-ISH.

(Obviously I'm a math person, so feel free to quote me to your husbands. #seemslegit)

Also, I just need you to know that I've worn this skirt a minimum of 7 times since I bought it. Let's all pretend that's normal, and that I'm not wearing the same things over and over IRL. #pleaseandthankyou

Shop my other favorite pieces from A New Day here, y'all. And just remember, if it's from Target it's basically free.