that white bootie life

let's be honest and call white booties what they really are: A TOTAL STATEMENT. 

(They are NOT, as some people like to refer to them, MY GO-GO BOOTS.)

(You know who you are.)

I do think that white ankle boots can be a little bit of a style conundrum. (Let's all pause, and and say conundrum out loud, just because it's fun. I'll wait.)

Now listen. Don't be scared of the white boots, y'all. I'm gonna show ya how to style them, LIKE A BOSS.

1. Pair them with a monochromatic look. They WILL draw attention, so keep it simple with the rest of  your look.

asher heron dress | blanknyc moto jacket | dolce vita bootie | rebecca minkoff backpack | photos by jnelly photography

(P.S. how cute is this Asher by Fab'rik dress? It's part of their fall line, and it is my new favorite. Plus, proceeds from the Asher collection help provide for abandoned babies in Africa. ALL THE YESES!)

2. Find the right boot height for YOUR leg. Just because it looks great on your favorite instagrammer, doesn't mean it's the right height for your leg. For example, I love taller booties, BUT, unfortunately they give me a bad case of cankle-itis. i.e. I'm going more true ankle length for these muscular calves. 

3. Consider pairing them with some distressed skinnies and your favorite graphic tee for a more casual look. 

4. Wear them ALL YEAR ROUND, y'all. Rock 'em with pastels and lighter colors during the spring/summer seasons, and then again in fall with jewel tones or a buffalo plaid. 

(Or ya know, with your favorite go-go dancer costume this Halloween.) 

shop some of my favorite options and go live that white bootie life,  y'all. You'll be glad you did.