fall bucket list : RATMJ style

It's fall y'all. And if you follow pretty much any blogger on social media, then you know how we love us some fall.  Fall brings all the good things:  PSLs, NEW TV, college football, and buying up ALL THE BOOTS without experiencing guilt and shame.

(Jk. Of course I experience guilt and shame. That's what therapy is for.)

You know what else us bloggers like to do in the fall? Post our fall bucket lists. And while these are super sweet IN THEORY, mine are always a little less sweet IN PRACTICE.

1. Go to a fall festival....try not to cry when one of your kids throws up on the first ride, and the other kid LEGIT WINS A PET GOLDFISH. (That she will later kill that very same day.) 

2. Carve pumpkins as a family. Take lots of cute pics for the gram, so no one knows that you anxiously followed everyone around with wet wipes. Especially your 3 year old, who kept trying to use your new white chairs as a canvas for his PUMPKIN ART.

3. Jump in a huge pile of leaves.....come out with 3 pieces of trash attached to your shirt, and a cockroach that's trying to crawl inside your pant leg. 

4. Attend a college football game. FEEL OLD AS DIRT the entire time. Remember to NOT be obnoxious when your team is winning, because the other team is probably gonna throw a hail mary and win with 4 seconds to go. A-HEM.

5. Take your kids to a pumpkin patch. Barely manage to grab your son before he smashes his THIRD pumpkin on the ground. Stand in the hayride line that is 45 minutes long, so you can ride two times around the neighboring subdivision on a tractor. You know who doesn't love a hayride? Moms who get motion sick and have to go puke afterward.

give your 3 year old a pumpkin, they said. It'll be PRECIOUS, they said. 

give your 3 year old a pumpkin, they said. It'll be PRECIOUS, they said. 

6. Executing the perfect homemade Halloween costume. (NO. Back away from the bucket list SLOWLY, unrealistic expectations. Besides, we all remember how I feel about Halloween

In spite of it all, let's embrace our fall bucket lists in all their crazy glory. Even when they take us from cute to chaos.  

Happy FALL!