the field jacket

madewell field jacket (nearly sold out, but linking to some similar options below) | halogen tie front shirt | treasure and bond denim (sold out, similar here) | felicia wedge bootie 

close your eyes and pretend for a moment that fall is exactly how all of us #basics love it....a chill in the air, PSL in our hand, and a s'more AT THE READY.  Now, let's pretend that we are wearing this total fall staple of a field jacket to the pumpkin patch (in which we are currently frolicking, duh), and that we are NOT SWEATING THROUGH THE ARMPITS.

It's a nice little fantasy, isn't it? 

(while we're at it, let's pretend that normal people fantasize about articles of clothing, m-kay?)

Here's why I freaking love this jacket:

1. The color is SO classic, y'all. It's a neutral that will complement basically everything in your closet. 

And therefore it is free.

2. It's lightweight. You will be able to toss this on over anything and everything, without feeling like you're being smothered by heavy layers.

And therefore it is free.

3. Field jackets exist at every price point, meaning that your cost per wear can be as low as you want it to be.

And therefore it is free.

4. You probably shouldn't listen to me if you value things like financial stability, good decisions, and restraint. But if you value looking hella cute in your field jacket all fall?

Remember, it was (NOT) free.