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how amazon saved fashion week

Can y’all say cute clothes and affordable lookalikes?? Now snap your fingers twice, shout “AMAZON FOR THE WIN!,” and spin around 3 times. Become dizzy enough to accidentally fall onto the purchase button, and voila! Your officemates think you’re a weirdo, but you now own all of the staples I’m sharing below.

(Except you don’t, unless you paid for them. So go ahead and pay for them. I’ll wait.)

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Sweater Dresses You Need Now

You know how you sometimes accidentally on purpose buy all these dresses, because you think your life is fancy. And then, you remember that YOU ARE NOT FANCY. And that you only buy dresses because they will probably make you look just like the model wearing them. (Spoiler alert: They won’t.)

Anyone else? I mean, it’s like my brain forgets for a second that 95% of the time, I’m reaching for sweats, OR sweats that masquerade as real pants. (Looking at you, joggers. And thank you for your service.)

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the field jacket

close your eyes and pretend for a moment that fall is exactly how all of us #basics love it....a chill in the air, PSL in our hand, and a s'more AT THE READY.  Now, let's pretend that we are wearing this total fall staple of a field jacket to the pumpkin patch (in which we are currently frolicking, duh), and that we are NOT SWEATING THROUGH THE ARMPITS.

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