Sweater Dresses You Need Now

Veronica Beard dress | free people fanny pack | Marc Fisher boots | Zara teddy bear coat (similar here) | photos by JNelly Photography

*Disclaimer : Despite what the photos above may have led you to believe, this post is NOT actually about how to wear every available trend at the same time.

You know how you sometimes accidentally on purpose buy all these dresses, because you think your life is fancy. And then, you remember that YOU ARE NOT FANCY. And that you only buy dresses because they will probably make you look just like the model wearing them. (Spoiler alert: They won’t.)

Anyone else? I mean, it’s like my brain forgets for a second that 95% of the time, I’m reaching for sweats, OR sweats that masquerade as real pants. (Looking at you, joggers. And thank you for your service.)

The other 5% of the the time, I might actually have the chance to fancy up and wear a dress. But then I remind myself that dresses aren’t comfortable, warm, or even practical. And I try to fancy up my boyfriend jeans instead.

Anyway, there are (self-imposed and not at all real) rules, and then there are exceptions. And those exceptions are called sweater dresses, my friends. They’re comfy. They’re generously sized, and they are warm. You wanna slay the Thanksgiving game? (You know, after you give all the thanks.) WEAR A SWEATER DRESS. People will be all, whoa look at Susan, she’s killing it in that sweater dress!

And then you’ll be all, I may LOOK fancy, but I can also eat an entire pumpkin pie, and nobody will know. Muahahahahahaha.

(I mean, they might realize when there’s no pumpkin pie left, but you can just distract them with your pretty dress.)

Please enjoy this roundup of my favorite sweater dresses in the game right now. And by enjoy, I may or may not mean treat yo’ self. (We all know I do.)

Until next time,