best of the nordstrom fall sale

You know how, when Nordstrom has a sale, you never know about it? Because no one on social media EVER mentions it?

*rolls eyes so hard they fall out of her head.

*Picks them up and puts them back in again, because it is my mission and duty to make Nordstrom love me, buy one of every thing, give John a heart attack INFORM you guys of important ways to wreck your credit score.

And I take that duty very seriously. Ish.

These are all my sale favorites, and they aren’t NOT all sitting on a UPS truck bound for my house. They definitely AREN’T NOT.

Listen. I deserve it this time. My sweet, precious four year old, who is supposed to LOVE ME AND ONLY ME FOREVER (obviously normal and healthy boundaries here, stoplookingatmelikethat), just informed me that he HAS A GIRLFRIEND. So I’ve been cry-shopping for the last hour, and therefore making totally WISE AND NECESSARY purchases.

And now you can too.

Just clickety click on the images above, and you’ll be linked straight to all the goodness your heart (and credit card) can take. I’m fancy like that.

Should you start to feel guilty, just remember that you are the picture of financial health, as you are obviously saving money by spending it. Because it was on sale. #sherrimath

And also because BO HAS A GIRLFRIEND. #sherrilogic

Until next time,