dressing room diaries : fall staples

Guys, what with the Anniversary Sale and everything, I feel like I've been neglecting my ONE TRUE LOVE. And you should understand that by one true love, I obviously mean Anthropologie.  So, the other day, I scooted myself into good ol Anthro, in the name of blogging research. 

(And in the name of using my birthday discount. So I could SAVE MONEY. Duh.)

While I was there, I noticed a couple things:

1. I have no self-control when it comes to Anthropologie. #butweknewthatalready

2. Anthro has some KILLER fall staples, that y'all need to know about.

3. Their denim game? ON. FREAKING. POINT

Outfit 1 : The Fancy Hippie

I would like to tell you that I exercised discipline and left these beauties at the store. But that would be wrong, and also RUDE TO THE CLOTHES.  The top is feminine, but not TOO sweet.  And these jeans? Well, they have pearls and therefore they are FANCY.  And who doesn't want to be a fancy, feminine hippie?

Outfit #2 : The Sassy Skirt

First of all, how much do we love my fancy shoes? OH WAIT. I was wearing flip flops. And since I can't in good fashion conscience suggest wearing flip flops with this outfit, I chose to go shoeless. But, y'all? Might I suggest buying this tee in EVERY FREAKING COLOR? It's good, y'all. It is long enough to cover the hiney, and it's super flattering. WE ARE WINNING.

And then, shut the front door with this metallic skirt! Perfect for office life, with heels and a fun top. Or just perfect for being all hey, I'm fabulous and wearing a tee & chucks with my metallic skirt. BOO-YA 

(Side note: can we all bring BOO-YA back? I would just really appreciate that on a deep, personal level.)

Outfit #3 : The Slinky Kimono (why do all these sound slightly scandalous?)

Let's discuss shall we? First of all, a kimono just makes me feel all boho and badass. Like, hey, look at me slinking around in this kimono, I'm so fabulous. 

(Well, except that I may be wearing it with sweatpants, which is decidedly less fabulous. #whatevs #reallife)

I love mixing it in with this fun striped tee, because mixing prints = awesomeness 

P.S. if you had once told me I'd be obsessing over polka dot jeans, I would've been all, Um, hi Sherri? The 80's called and they want their polka-dotted pants back. BUT, these polka dots are a little metallic-y, and that makes them completely current and on-trend. 

At least in my book. 

So ladies, what have we learned today? We all need embellished jeans, this amazing tee, and probably a kimono in our lives. 

Happy Monday, y'all!