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dressing room diaries : anthro

Sorry for the little blog break over the last week, guys. I've been under the weather, BECAUSE CHILDREN.  Mine apparently don't like to wash their hands, but they DO enjoy coughing in my face. Would you like to know how I self-diagnosed my illness? (Besides the usual way of googling my symptoms, like the doctor that WebMD says I am?) 

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dressing room diaries : nsale edition

I don't know if you've heard, but there's a sale happening that's kind of a big deal. And let's be honest, some of you are all, JEEZ CAN THE ENTIRE INTERNET SHUT UP ABOUT THE ANNIVERSARY SALE

Well, I'm here to say, NO. We cannot. I've gotta tell y'all, I used to be SUPER intimidated by shopping at Nordstrom. I thought I had to be in possession of a trust fund, or possibly money I had stolen from a bank. Then, one year, I participated in the anniversary sale, where I learned that A) there are SO MANY THINGS under $50 on sale. And B) NORDSTROM IS FREAKING AWESOME.  Not everything is from some obscure designer that costs a year of my child's education.

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