dressing room diaries : nsale edition

I don't know if you've heard, but there's a sale happening that's kind of a big deal. And let's be honest, some of you are all, JEEZ CAN THE ENTIRE INTERNET SHUT UP ABOUT THE ANNIVERSARY SALE

Well, I'm here to say, NO. We cannot. I've gotta tell y'all, I used to be SUPER intimidated by shopping at Nordstrom. I thought I had to be in possession of a trust fund, or possibly money I had stolen from a bank. Then, one year, I participated in the anniversary sale, where I learned that A) there are SO MANY THINGS under $50 on sale. And B) NORDSTROM IS FREAKING AWESOME.  Not everything is from some obscure designer that costs a year of my child's education.

The other day, I was given the chance to shop the preview to early access, which is coincidentally the same day I learned that I have NO BOUNDARIES, and a possible shopping addiction. 

Jk, I think we all knew that a LONG time ago. 

This leather bomber was my first try-on of the sale. And I was not disappointed. Who enjoys not paying full price for a leather jacket? THIS GIRL. 

Next up, was this bell-sleeved lovely.....

bell sleeve top   |   blanknyc shorts   |   vince camuto bootie   |   rebecca minkoff bag   | wearing a small in the top for reference

bell sleeve top | blanknyc shorts | vince camuto bootie | rebecca minkoff bag | wearing a small in the top for reference

I actually really enjoy mixing in the shorts with the peep-toed booties and long sleeved top. Therefore I totally did this on purpose, because I am an organized and thoughtful blogger who PLANS her outfits, and doesn't just keep her shorts on out of sheer laziness.  

when I tell y'all that these Good American jeans are in danger of becoming the only ones I wear, well, I am NOT exaggerating. Want to have a rear that just won't quit? GET THESE JEANS AND NEVER TAKE THEM OFF. Also, I just need to be honest and tell you that everything I'm wearing came home with me. 

Unless you're John, in which case it did not. 

This dress! These sneakers! I have to admit, I was a little worried about feeling school-girlish in this dress. But then, I remembered that I don't care, and also I that I loved this dress. I'm actually wearing it again today with this graphic tee layered over the top of the dress and I am LOVING IT. The layering possibilities with this baby are ENDLESS and it's gonna be a staple in my closet. 

I'm not even sure I need to say words about the sneakers, because they totally speak for themselves. They're saying, HI LOOK HOW CUTE I AM? I'M TOTALLY SASSY AND PERFORATED, BUT WILL KEEP YOUR FEET HELLA COMFY ALL DAY LONG. I ALSO COME IN SILVER. BUY ME.

Last year, I saw some floral booties that I have regretted not buying ever since. They are somehow bold and understated at the same time. Total outfit-maker material. These are nearly identical to a super designer-y version, and come in at $86. 

Also if you're a fancy type of person, who occasionally does fancy things like : go to an office. Attend church. Leave your house in NOT sweatpants. Well, this dress is for you. Pair it with, oh I don't know, A FLORAL BOOTIE to give it a little edge. 

here's a little side view of the   ruffled shoulder   detail. LOVE!

here's a little side view of the ruffled shoulder detail. LOVE!

This jacket is sweet and yet edgy, and I am wishing so bad I had walked away with it. Well, I mean, AFTER I paid, I'm not trying to steal it or anything. 

Also, I may or may not have decided to never remove these jeans and shoes from my body. Like ever. And if y'all haven't bought this BP t-shirt yet, then imma need you all to get yo minds right. And buy it in every color. (PS, I enjoy sizing up to a medium for a slouchier fit.)

I'm just gonna go ahead and need everyone to have Good American on their hineys from now on, mkay? I think we can all agree that Ms. Kardashian clearly knows her denim.  We can also all agree that Good American needs to sponsor me immediately.

This shirt is way better on your bod than it seems on the hanger. And oh hey, there's our SASSY SNEAKS again. 

Let me tell ya a little story about the Madewell Transport Tote. Once upon a time, I bought 3 of them. In different colors. Because they are just that good. And then I felt ashamed. The end. 

This one's for all my girls who werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. (Duh, well all WERK, but I mean in an actual office where they don't allow sweats or yoga pants.)

I've always avoided bow-neck blouses, mainly because I would try to tie the bow all perfect, and it would inevitably end up looking like it had been tied by a 2 year old.  BUT, this one is just zips in the back, so there is no bow-tying involved. 

Next up is this leather skirt. How much do you love it? I hope the answer is a LOT, because it costs a LOT of dollars. It's beautiful though, so if you're looking for an investment piece, here ya go!

Y'all, I'm not gonna say too much about this sweater, because it's getting it's own post soon. BUT, I am going to drop some truth about these jeans. I saw them in the catalog and initially felt like we were meant to be. However, the seam down the front just isn't my favorite in real life. I think it's a little unflattering on my thighs, since they're on the muscular side. I'm sad to say, they are officially in the return pile. They are adorable jeans and the style is totally on point.  Just not for me.

Treasure & Bond shirt   | fab'rik shorts (mine are no longer available, but   these are similar  ) |   stuart weitzman booties

Treasure & Bond shirt | fab'rik shorts (mine are no longer available, but these are similar) | stuart weitzman booties

Whew! Who else needs an espresso? Or maybe 10. Stock is still good on most of these items, but don't be crazy and wait if you don't have to. Would love to hear what's on YOUR wish list! Okay let's be honest, your purchase list. 

Because you're my people.