the denim skirt

denim skirt (no longer available, but this is a great alternative) | graphic tee | fab'rik shoes (cannot find these online anymore, but go see my girl, Stephanie, at the Buckhead fab'rik-- they still have some in store!) | photos by jnelly photography

And now, we take a break from our regularly scheduled #nsale programming to discuss an URGENT AND IMPORTANT TOPIC. 

The jean skirt

I know. When jean skirts came back onto the scene, I was all, EW NO, and didn't I wear you in 7th grade? Because apparently jean skirts turn me a little bit snarky. 

But y'all. This ain't our seventh grade jean skirt. The denim skirt of today is super edgy, with asymmetric hemlines and totally boss details. (It's also LONGER and covers our hineys, praise Jesus and hallelujah).  In short, get ya one and wear it on the REG. 

I like to style this with sneaks, or some sassy platform heels like these. Note: these shoes are SO FUN, that when I saw them on another blogger's insta (hi, The Style Hunt!), I may or may not have run desperately into every fab'rik in the general vicinity trying to find them. There are still some in stock at the fab'rik buckhead location, so contact my girl, Stephanie, and she will hook you up. 

also, I am totally loving a graphic tee right now, and I ain't mad about it. And before you ask if I love the Doors (or even know who they are), you should know that I'm not of the opinion that I have to love the band to wear the shirt. (Also, I tried to find a cool T-Swift shirt, but they weren't exactly in abundance. AHEM.)

And if graphic tees aren't for you, then go a little fancier and style your denim skirt with a cute top from the anniversary sale

You didn't think I'd let you forget about it for a whole post, now did you?

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