sweater season

bb dakota sweater | target skirt | velvet ankle boots | sonix sunglasses | photos by jnelly photography

Y'all. It happened.. We have officially dropped below 60 degrees here in Georgia. And I now declare it sweater season. 

My sweaters have been hanging in my closet all sad, and, WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING US SHERRI? WE ARE SO CUTE. 

And the my tank tops have been all CALM DOWN, SWEATERS.  There's nothing special about having SLEEVES.

And then they all end up on the floor because the sweaters have a rumble with the tanks.

(J/k, it's because I threw them there.)

Either way, it's all about those chunky knits this year, y'all. And this mama ain't mad about it. Because guess what chunky sweaters are good at? Hiding the extra chunk from being unable to control yourself around Halloween candy.  Me likey.

(P.S. my fave way to wear this trend is with a flowy, feminine piece on the bottom as a contrast. Or, ya know. With my sweatpants. The ones that may or may not be see-through in the hiney area, which I MAY OR MAY NOT have discovered during drop off at Bo's school. AHEM.)

I've rounded up some of my current favorite sweaters, and I'm just gonna go ahead and say you need one or maybe ALL of them. I mean, I don't actually pay your bills, so take that for what it's worth. 

Not much. 

Happy sweater-ing,  y'all!