halloween throwback

Happy Halloween, friends! I hope your day is filled with twix bars, calm and well-behaved children, and a timely bedtime. 

(NONE OF THAT WILL HAPPEN. And if you think it will, then congratulations on your newborn.) 

On a semi-related note, someone in our local government decided that October 31st was a perfectly appropriate day to RE-PAVE OUR FREAKING STREET. 

(Again, congratulations on your ability to live your own life, as you clearly do not have children.)

And in conclusion, go read my Halloween post from last year.  Not only is it one of my all-time most read posts, it also allows me to phone it in today. This is especially helpful, as I need to go  down 35 espressos in the name of trick-or-treating. 

(And also in the name of shopping the shopbop sale. Guess what my costume is? A shopping problem who has all her credit cards memorized.)

Shop my sale picks below, in case you need some escapism or just want to scare the bejesus out of your significant other. It IS Halloween, after all.