living your best legs

Y'all, I know that SO. MANY. bloggers are on the Spanx train. And I know y'all are probably like, WE GET IT SHERRI. STOP BEATING A DEAD HORSE ALREADY.

Well, a) stop using that phrase because EW. And b) this dead horse gives you legs and a hiney that just won't quit. So, there's THAT.

In the past, I've mostly shown y'all fancy SPANX. Like, "omg, babe let's get a babysitter and go pretend we're still 25" SPANX. 

Let's be for real though. We are not 25 anymore. We also enjoy wearing sweatpants like 95% of the time. Thus, I give you REALISTIC SPANX

REALISTIC SPANX include a long, oversized tee that is made of the softest unicorn wings. (I mean it doesn't actually say that on the tag, but it totally says that in my mind.) Also included is a long plaid button down, because extra hiney coverage JUST IN CASE. (Also because WE LIKEY.)

(*Just sub the shoes for some fun sneaks, because ain't nobody need to wear studded booties to the park.) I would lovingly welcome ANY of the below to live in my closet. 

Who am I kidding? Most of these already live in my closet. 

P.S. I don't know if you realized it, but this is THE PERFECT outfit for a certain little holiday that rhymes with Schmanksgiving. 

You. Are. Welcome.