the holiday rebel

There's something about a sea of red and green dresses at a holiday party that makes me wanna be a little rebellious. 

And what is a grown up pink tutu, if not rebellious?

(Okay, well, NO. It's not. But that's where the leather jacket comes in.)

I love how the graphic tee and leather jacket tone down my Carrie Bradshaw-ish vibe. But then adding in some strappy heels amp it right back up. Because apparently I have outfit confusion, which is a real thing, don't judge. Rude. Essentially, this is an outfit mullet. Basic on top, party on bottom. 

And what's better than a festive, holiday party mullet?

Disclaimer: I am not being literal here. Like, if you wear an actual mullet to your holiday parties, then bless your heart, and also I will not know you. 

P.S. in case you're all, hey Sherri, your frilly tutu is great and all, but I'm not planning to buy anything I can't wear again. 

Then to that I say, throw on cute plaid top, some sneaks and wear this bad boy ON. THE. REG. 

I like you, you little rebel, you.