the watch list

it's monday y'all! And what's better on a Monday than talking about our favorite ways to avoid reality? 

(Well, NO. It's really Tuesday. But this was SUPPOSED to be posted on a Monday. Except that Mondays hate me and I can't be held responsible.)

I have always loved tv, so you can imagine my insane obsession with Netflix. And hulu. And probably just apple tv in general. I'm pretty sure I would marry them all if that wasn't weird, and probably NOT LEGAL. 


So, today I thought, hey Sherri! let us take a fashion and motherhood break, and discuss our favorite shows. (And books. Because books balance out all the reality tv in my life. Duh.)

Disclaimer: I do not claim to have stellar taste in television. In fact, I will probably watch NEARLY ANYTHING in order to be entertained. I have almost no tv standards, and you will probably disagree and/or lose respect for me, based on my tv choices. I'm fine with it. 


This Is Us

1. This Is Us

Cheesy? Maybe. Do I want to crawl into my tv and join this family? Absolutely. Except then I would think my dad is super hot, and that MIGHT BE A LITTLE ILLEGAL.

New Girl

2. New Girl

Because sometimes, you just need to laugh. Especially after you've spent the day trying to convince your 7 year old that NO YOU AREN'T TRYING TO RUIN HER LIFE BY MAKING HER WEAR SKINNY JEANS. Gimme all the Schmidt, please. 

3. American Assassin 

This is a movie AND a book...boom! If you like spies that are completely BA, then you will love Mitch Rapp. Plus there are about a thousand of these books, so read them all....then go see the movie. And be shocked at how much you love Dylan O'Brien in this role.

4. Any and all iteration of The Housewives and/or Bachelor franchise. Because clearly I have no reservations about admitting to the internet that I enjoy a good train wreck. 


Y'all may not know this about me, but I am a HUGE reader. Apparently, according to my below picks, I especially like psychological thrillers. Probably because A) they're distracting and B) they may possibly help you understand the 7 year old psychopaths in your own life. AHEM.

Behind Closed Doors

Prepare to be so creeped out than you just really CAN'T. EVEN.  But you WILL even, and you will not be able to put it down, guys. Then, go read The Breakdown (same author),  and love it too. 

The Secrets She Keeps

Again, a little bit of a psychological thriller, because apparently I enjoy scaring the junk out out of myself before I go to sleep. You'll be simultaneously rooting for the protagonist AND the antagonist (sort of). 

And then you'll need to go watch some New Girl, so we can dream about Schmidt and not some psychopath baby stealer. 

What are you reading? Watching? Remember I have no standards, so share away people.