friday faves : boho edition

If you've been reading this blog for longer than basically the last 5 minutes, you are probably well aware that if there is a boho piece to be found, there is a Sherri who will buy it. 



Since it's Friday and I love you guys, I plan to shamelessly force my boho-itis on you (EW. Sorry, that sounded way weirder typed out than it did in my head.)


1.  This flowy, floral top.  I'm not a HUGE fan of florals, because they tend to read a little "sweet." But, this one is a complete and total exception. I adored it instantly, and may have weirdly cuddled it in front of an Anthro sales associate. (Don't be like me.)

2. A pair of utility pants. Well, this isn't boho at ALL, but today it can be boho by association. Because these? These are a STAPLE, people. And they will keep your outfit grounded, like hey I can appreciate a great boho piece here and there! And not, OMG I AM TOTALLY A FLOWER CHILD FROM THE 70'S. 

3. Camel peep-toed booties with a fun southwestern embellishment, like these. (Mine in the picture are similar, but without the embellishment, in case you don't want to be all EXTRA.)

Or just go look at some of my faves here.

4.  A leather cuff is one of my favorite accessories on the planet.  It reads boho, but can also pair well with almost any trend out there.  Here are a few current standouts:

5. A full on, fringe moment of a handbag. Basically in Sherri world, if it can be fringed, then it SHOULD BE FRINGED. Also apparently fringe is now a verb and I'm fine with it. 

Happy Friday, friends!