we mom so hard

nordstrom sweatshirt (sold out, similar options linked below) | treasure and bond denim skirt (ON SALE) | cole haan oxfords | striped backpack (similar here) | photo by jnelly photography

 If 20 year old Sherri could see me constantly yelling, BE CAREFUL, DON'T TOUCH THAT, YES YOU DO HAVE TO WEAR UNDERWEAR TODAY, she would be stuck in an eternal eye roll situation.  She would also question whether I've been diagnosed with Tourettes.

Have kids, they said.  IT'LL BE FUN, THEY SAID. And while it CAN BE fun (at least between the hours of 8pm and 6am), there are certain elements of being a mom that are basically universal mom truths at this point. And I'm gonna list some out for ya, as the self-designated president of moms everywhere. (No.) 

(But I do feel that if Trump can be president, then I can speak for moms everywhere.)

(At least in my mind)

1. We keep fruit snacks in our  GIANT purses. At all times. And sometimes (always) we eat them. 

2. if there's something on your face, it's almost guaranteed we will lick our fingers and wipe it off. Socially awkward? Maybe. Major mom move? Most definitely. 

3. if you ride with us in the car and we have to suddenly hit the brakes, you're gonna get mom-armed.  Hard. 

4. if you're asking us to go to dinner after 7pm, no matter how much we like you, it's probably a hard pass. (Unless it's a dinner in my bed, which I would totally consider, but also COULD BE AWKWARD).  

5. If we're wearing workout clothes, there is AT BEST, a 50% chance we actually worked out. And NO. We do not want you to ask us what workout we just came from. 

6. Baseball hats are LIFE. #dirtyhairdontcare

7. we live on coffee. wine. and chocolate. DUH.

8. we may or may not get spray tans so our spider veins don't show. Which our children will immediately ruin by spitting on us or some other nonsense.

9. we definitely want to be in sweats. like the EXACT minute we get home. Or maybe just from the minute our feet hit the floor in the morning. #nojudgement

10. if we get dressed in RPC (real people clothes), we WANT THEM TO BE COMFY. STRETCHY. and FLOWY.  And yet STILL CUTE. 

That's where this look comes in, y'all. We've got flat shoes. We've got a SUPER stretchy denim skirt (on SALE), and this comfy sweatshirt-like top. Accompanied by a backpack, because DUH. As your SELF-APPOINTED and IN NO WAY REAL mom-president, here are some of my favorite sweatshirt and denim skirt combos.  

We mom so hard, y'all. Let's look cute doing it.