friday faves : basic edition

It (sort of) feels like fall,  y'all! And what does that mean? It means we will now become #basicAF. Or at least I will. And I don't even care. I love to be basic. In fact, I say, let's embrace our basic-ness, beginning with #fridayfaves... 

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

1. The PSL (aka pumpkin spice latte, aka Sherri will now go to Starbucks twice a day and feel no shame)   Y'all. Is there really anything that heralds fall more than the PSL? 

I think not.

2. A New Day clothing line at Target. (aka Sherri's black hole of spending, where we buy ALL THE THINGS we do not need.)  We probably also get PSL's while we're there, because Target's that have Starbucks are LIFE. 

Shop my favorite pieces here >>

3. Listening to the Popcast (aka the reason Sherri looks like a psycho during carpool as she laughs creepily to herself) : Y'all. The hosts, Knox and Jamie, discuss things like pop culture, the urban dictionary, taylor swift, which Chris wins America (Pratt), and more goodness like that. They are a delight and should probably be on friendly stalker alert, should they ever visit ATL. 

4. NYFW (aka New York Fashion Week/ all the bloggers you know blowing up your insta feed) : So, I considered going to fashion week this year. For a hot minute. But then I realized that a) I would have to wear real people clothes. And then B) I wouldn't get to watch the shows from the comfort of my bed. 


(p.s. join me in sweatpants and watch the shows live here)

5. This denim jacket. (aka I own approximately 137 denim jackets, but hey! Might as well snag one more.)

Happy weekend friends! For those of y'all in the path of Irma, STAY SAFE. You're in my prayers. 

Until next time,