a mom's best sidekick

spanx leggings (for size reference, I'm wearing a medium) | fab'rik tunic (can't link to this exact one; similar here & here) | sam edelman mules | panacea earrings | photos by jnelly photography

Spanx y'all. Remember how we used to be all highly annoying I DON'T NEED SPANX! I'M NEVER GONNA HAVE LUMPS AND BUMPS THAT I NEED TO HOLD IN!

And then we had kids (aka destroyed our bodies) and were all CAN SOMEBODY GET ME SOME POSTPARTUM SPANX TO WEAR HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL???? AND EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE???? 

A few years ago, our family ran the Superhero Sprint down at Piedmont Park (one of our fave things to do each June). I predictably was lazy procrastinated, and had no costume on the day of. So, I thought hard, grabbed a plunger, stuck some fruit snacks and bandaids on a cape, and donned some rubber gloves. Ta-da! I was SUPERMOM.

(In retrospect, I should've adorned my cape with xanax, chocolate, and wine corks.) 

Anyway guys, moms are obviously superheros. But may I nominate Spanx as our sidekick? They always make us look better, and are there to help us out of jams. Like when we literally get our zippers jammed because our outfit is too tight. See? Total sidekick material. 

But did you guys know that Spanx also makes the MOST COMFORTABLE, MOST EPIC, MOST LIKELY TO WIN AT LIFE leggings around? It's true. They are pricey for leggings, but they're totally worth every. single. penny.  And you can style them in a multitude of ways: with heels, because WE FANCY. With sneaks, because WE MOMS. With boots, because WE SASSY. 

And obviously this means they are free. 

Until next time,