LDW shop our faces off

It's Labor Day Weekend, y'all!  And what could be more laboriously celebratory than shopping our actual faces off? 

Listen. It makes sense in my mind. 

At any rate, there are some HELLA GOOD SALES happening. And hopefully I can get away with saying hella because I'm old enough where people are like, awww....it's cute that she thinks that's a word people say. 

I've combed through a few of my fave sales, aka Nordstrom (duh) and Anthro (double duh). But y'all I'm also celebrating a couple of retailers that probably don't get as much love on the blog as they should. (I'm looking at you LOFT, where they basically have crazy good sales, like ERRYDAY.)  

click the image to shop

I'd also like to point out that WHITE BOOTIES ARE A BIG THING Y'ALL. By the way, I TOTALLY CALLED THIS trend (aka read it in InStyle like it's MY JOB) last winter/spring, and it is ramping up in a MAJOR WAY this fall. I'm showing you a couple of options that are on super sale as well. And don't ya worry friends, I've got a white booties blog post in the works, just for you.

(word of advice, probably don't google "white bootie." Just trust.)

Until next time,