the tuxedo stripe

Sorry for the radio silence around here this week, y'all. As I mentioned in my last post, Monday was our 13th anniversary. And guess how we celebrated? With ginger ale and a stomach bug. #ROMANCE


At any rate, I wanted to jump on here and tell y'all about a trend that I'm loving this fall. It's pants stripes. Or if you want to be all FANCY and TECHNICAL, you can refer to it as the tuxedo stripe. 

I feel like this trend is all, oh hey there's my pants, being all boring and REGULAR. But, then, you turn to the side and it's all heyyyyyyy those pants are EXTRA

And don't we all like to be a little extra sometimes?

(Unless it involves extra ginger ale and vomiting. I am so not down with that.)

Because it's Thursday, and because I love ya, and mainly because the week from hell is almost over, I give you my fave PANTS STRIPES tuxedo stripes on the market. P.S. These range from $17.50 (YEP) up to INVESTMENT PIECE. There may or may not be a $35 pair in there that I've got my eye on.

Unless you are John, in which case, get back to your ginger ale and mind your own business. 

Happy (almost) weekend, friends!