gifts for your guy

Disclaimer: these gifts don't have to be for YOUR guy. They can be for ANY guy. Except maybe your mailman. That might be weird.

gifts for your guy

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Guys are notoriously difficult to shop for, am I right? Mainly because, when you say, "hey babe, what do YOU want for Christmas?," he gives one of the following ridiculous responses. 

1. "I'd love some socks."  This is like telling a gourmet chef to make you a PB&J.  (Because I'm basically the gourmet chef of shopping. Listen. It makes sense in my mind.)

2. "Let's save money and only do gifts for the kids this year."  Hahahahah, NO. 

Listen, kids don't need ACTUAL gifts. If you judge by the junk that my kids HOARD in their toy baskets, they would actually be FINE with a collection of used candy wrappers, dollar store toys with half the pieces missing, and Nordstrom boxes.  

3. "Well, I really need some new tools." Or golf clubs. Or OTHER ITEMS I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Because I have no real interest in learning about them, and will probably get you the new Apple TV. Or something else that I secretly want for myself.

Merry Christmas.

4. "Let's give ourselves a family experience." Hm. Does this "experience" involve a foot massage, makeover, and/or shopping? I am IN. Does this "experience" involve taking the kids to do something that we think will be great family bonding, but ultimately involves shouting, bribing, and the general LOSS OF OUR SANITY? Then, NO. 

5. "Babe, I don't need any gifts. I have you."  Aw. That is so sweet. So what you're saying is that you want me to give you a big 'old Nordstrom gift card? 

And by you, I mean me. 

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