last minute gifts under $100

Let's be honest fam, some of you have waited til the last minute to finish your Christmas shopping. And by some of you, I mean myself, and those of you who are my people.  Others of you had all your holiday shopping done by November 1st, and to you I say this: can you come organize my life? Pleaseandthankyou.

In either scenario, this gift guide is for you. It's for my slackers who need a little last minute help (you're my favorite), AND for my type-A's who deserve to treat themselves for being organized ballers (you're pretty awesome too). 

P.S. y'all, J. Crew is 40% off full price merchandise today with code TIME2GIVE.

I also have to include these fabulous Aid Through Trade Roll-On Bracelets. Guys, I ADORE these. They are all handmade in Nepal, and are PERFECT for stacking up in a little arm party situation.  Plus, the mission of Aid Through Trade is to empower female artisans to rise above poverty through fair trade. We can all feel good about this kind of purchase, and the sets are under $50. #win

(Stay tuned for a little giveaway over my on insta this week!)

For those who are all, ain't nobody got time to wait on a giveaway, I want my bracelet NOW....well, use code INSTA15 for 15% off the bracelets of you choice. 

Until next time,