gifts for your girl squad

Your girl squad. Your ride-or-dies. (Let's all pretend that it's okay to say "ride or die" while you're listening to the Glee Cast Christmas album , m-kay?) 

You'll recognize your #squad, because they're the ones that will say things like:

He's not good enough for you. DO NOT CALL HIM.

Those jeans look killer on you. And where can I get some?

Girl, you have a broccoli in your teeth. You might wanna take care of that

(FYI, husbands.....your wives qualify as your RIDE OR DIES. Therefore, it is completely and totally acceptable to give them any one of these gifts. OR ALL OF THEM. You're welcome.)

Girl Squad Gift Guide

1. Capri Blue Volcano Candle : aka the most wonderful candle in the world, that will basically make your entire house smell of Anthropologie. And if it causes you to online anthro shop a little more often, well, you can't really be held responsible. It was the candle's fault. 

2. Women's Wildfox Baggy Beach Jumper:  "Dear Santa, I really tried," pretty much sums up my entire 2016. Plus this is cute, and would kill with a choker and some black skinnies. 

Apparently I have turned into Courtney Love.

3. Signal Tunic Dress : It's pretty much a rule in my life that if there is a buffalo check ANYTHING, I will buy it. You win, Madewell. 

4. Tinsley Chelsea Rain Booties: I used to be all, rain booties? Why? I'll just take this nice refreshing sprinkle as an opportunity to rock my tall Hunter boots. BUT. Tall rain boots are HOT. They don't pack well. And I turn into a human pretzel when trying to get them off. 

These are easy, cute, and you won't feel like a weirdo wearing them when it's NOT raining. 

5. Arctic Blast Pullover: Free People absolutely SLAYS the sweater game. Always. One day,  I stalked a girl around a store because of her amazing sweater. Only to find that it was FP from 2 years ago.  At which point I very logically decided to go on eBay, and search for things like "cool free people sweater," and "WHY CAN"T THIS SWEATER STILL BE IN THE FREE PEOPLE STORE?" 

The internet couldn't answer that for me. Shocking.  


6. Cher Metallic Choker : And YOU get a choker! And YOU get a choker! And EVERYONE GETS A CHOKER!!

(I mean, you'll have to pay for the choker yourself. But everyone COULD get a choker. In theory.)

7. Hunt the Plains Boot: If I loved these boots any more, I would probably sleep with them tucked under my pillow every night.  Because, comfort. They are super flattering, and come in a bunch of different colors. 

8. Anthropologie Feather Buckle Belt :  Just as Free People slays the sweater game, Anthro always kills the belt game. And this belt has a feather. With means that you need it in your life.

9. S'WELL Metallic Collection Water Bottle : This will make going to the gym just feel FANCY. And who doesn't feel like being fancy while sweating their faces off? Me. I don't. But this water bottle would help.

10. "Sport" Faux Leather and Mesh Backpack : Y'all know how I feel  about a great backpack. And that's pretty much all I need to say about that.

Somehow as I've been writing this, I seem to have forgotten that these are gifts for our GIRL SQUADS, and not ourselves.   Basically, get it for your bestie, and then borrow it on the regular.

She won't mind.