leather & lace

kendall & kylie dress | marc fisher bootie | all saints leather jacket | leather cuff, similar here | kendra scott ring | gorjana hoops | photo by jnelly photography

Disclaimer: if you think I frolic around wearing dresses that require special undergarments, then you have not met me in real life. This is a freak accident, and will likely never happen again. Thank the good Lord for the special stick-ons at Target. 

Today's look is more, shall we say, CONCEPTUAL in nature. Mainly because I could basically see all the way to my underwear when glancing down at my toes. This dress slays in theory. But in reality, you'll be giving anyone taller than you a total peep show

Don't say I didn't warn you.

As a life rule though, I adore leather and lace together.  This is a soulmate kind of relationship.  One sweet, and one sassy.  

(In fact, I may start calling John "Lace." Because I get to be the sassy one. Duh. Let's all just pretend he'd be okay with that.)  

So in the interest of promoting fashion you can actually WEAR,  I've found some fabulous, PRACTICAL (ish), leather + lace options for you guys. 

First up, the lace. And hey, if you are already tired of wearing dresses and never ever want to wear one again, then I've got you covered with some lace tops thrown in too. 

WARNING: wearing a black leather jacket will make you feel like a total BOSS. If you don't enjoy this feeling, then DON'T click through the black leather jacket links below.

Also, as it's rumored to be holiday party season, this look would kill for less dressy office party, or just for wearing around your house and being awesome.

Until next time,