holiday party : fancy style

astr dress (SIZE UP) | bp sandal | michael kors clutch, similar here | anthropologie jacket | gorjana hoops | kendra scott ring, similar here

I think the last time I wore a dress that involved cleavage was, oh, maybe, NEVER. I've always pretty much been of the opinion that if it requires NOT A BRA, then it also requires NOT HAPPENING IN THIS LIFETIME. 

Do you want to know my litmus test of whether an event is fancy? Here ya go:

Does it involve special undergarments?

If the answer is yes, then the event is, indeed, fancy. And my RSVP is probably NO. 

But, y'all. Then I found THIS DRESS. And I decided fancy could be okay. ALSO, nothing in this entire outfit is over $100. 

(Actually, no. The anthro jacket was over $100. But I got that on Black Friday, so it was free.) 

(Again, NO.)

Do you want to know why I can now RSVP yes to even the fanciest of events?

Stick on bras. Well, hi there, little lifesavers. You could've helped me avoid some wardrobe malfunctions back in the day.  But I ain't mad at ya. Mainly because A) I can find you at Target. B) you can endure hours of after-party dancing. (Fine. ONE HOUR of after-party dancing. Because mama knows she's getting woken up at 7am, regardless.)  C) you are CHEAP. As long as we can avoid the other 3,247 things that we will want to buy while we're at Target. #goals

In conclusion, if you have a fancy, kid-free holiday party coming up, TAKE ME WITH YOU wear something like this. Or this exact outfit. Whatever your fancy little heart desires.

Until next time,