faves under $50

Happy Friday everybody! It's officially that time of year. That time of year when Sherri becomes besties with the UPS driver. 

He may or may not have been at my house 3 times yesterday. #hewas

Anyway, it's important to actually have money for things like shelter, food, and clothing when Christmas is over. So with that in mind, today I'm sharing my favorite gift ideas that are all UNDER $50. Yep. Just because I'm a shopper, doesn't mean I can't also be a saver.

(Actually, yes it pretty much does mean that. But I can help Y'ALL be savers. Which is basically the same thing.)

BP Reversible Scarf : It's 2 scarves for the price of one! (At least, that's what you'll tell your husband.)

Anthropologie Leather Monogram Pouch : Who doesn't love slapping their initials on anything and everything?

Mantraband : These delicate cuffs are SO cute. They say things like, "Be True. Be You. Be Kind." Or in my case, maybe it could say something like "Drink Coffee and Try Not to Roll Your Eyes at Your Children."

Or you know. Something like that.

BP Velvet Choker and Lariat Necklace : Again, TWO NECKLACES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.  You're basically making money if you buy this.

(No. You are not.)

Capri Blue Volcano Hand Cream :  This is one of my absolute favorite products in the entire land of products. I basically slather myself with a tester of this every time I'm in the store. 

Before being escorted out by security.  Because, creeper vibes.

(*If you're reading this, and I am gifting you a present in real life, FORGET THAT YOU SAW THIS. YOU DEFINITELY AREN'T GETTING THIS HAND CREAM. *She says with crazy eyes while nodding.)

Twin City Vegan Crossbody : This cute little cross body is the perfect thing to throw in your mom bag JUST IN CASE someone whisks you off to a dinner date after a long, hard day of being awesome. It could totally happen. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick :  This has been one of my makeup bag staples for many, many moons. Like as many moons as it has been since I have been in college. And since I still had DIAL UP INTERNET in college, wellllll....you do the math. 

Because I don't want to.

BaubleBar Annabelle Mini Tassels : These are essentially a party for your ears. And your ears are all like, it's about time we got an ear party. Can't let the arms have ALL the fun. #earparty

Lynyrd Skynyrd Tee : I have this. I wear this. I sing Sweet Home Alabama while wearing this. Far more than is socially appropriate. 

Eva NYC Mini Healthy Heat Ceramic Styling Iron : Aside from the obvious (ROSE GOLD!) cuteness of this  tiny flatiron, can we discuss the practicality? Because sometimes we do our hair, and then we try to buckle our toddler into his carseat. At which point, he becomes an angry baby cougar, and YOUR HAIR IS DESTROYED BY SWEAT, HUMIDITY, AND/OR TINY FLAILING FISTS.

Now, imagine this is in your glove compartment. Crisis averted. 

Anthropologie Northern Lights Fingerless Gloves : I love, love, love fingerless gloves.  If I had a dime for every time I coveted Luke's gloves while watching Gilmore girls, well....I'd probably go "invest" it in all the things on this list. 

How's that for a wrap-up?

Until next time,