asos for spring

asos top (Can we pretend that I wore it this way on purpose, and NOT because I didn't know how to work the straps? #pleaseandthankyou) | pilcro denim | | kendra scott earrings | embroidered bag (literally cannot find this anywhere. #fail Click here for a similar option! and if you know where to find this one, then let me know!) | sunglasses | photos by morgan hayes photography 

Y'all. It's recently come to my attention that there are those of you who aren't aware of Asos, and all the cute, affordable clothes they offer. 

Congratulations. You still have a savings account to speak of. 

Seriously, if you haven't heard of Asos, imma need you to head on over there as fast as your little fingers can click. Allow me to also inform you that I am not receiving compensation of any kind for this post. (Unless Asos just wants to start sending me free clothes. Hi Asos? Call me. Mkay thanks.) 

Since it's my (self-appointed) duty to be your go-to on all things shopping & fashion, I knew I had to share about my faves from this site. So get ready to have your life and your credit card balance rocked. 

Your significant others are welcome. 

Until next time,