spring cleaning top 5

Spring cleaning is so fun! It's just my favorite! 

Said NO ONE EVER. If anything, hoarding is more my favorite than spring cleaning. 

I used to have people tricked into thinking I was extremely organized. All you had to do was come to my house, and stay ONLY in the living room. And not open any drawers. Or cabinets. Or the coat closet. Unless you wanted to be subject to my secret hoarding shame.

And I don't know how many of you can relate, but the mere IDEA of buckling down and organizing basically any part of my house, had me needing a break. Because (*Kim K voice) this is exhausting. 

So I did what any self-respecting adult would do. I found somebody better at it than me. I like to call this delegating. John likes to call it hiring someone to do something you can do yourself, Sherri.  (Clearly he is delusional. Bless his heart.)

Enter Uptown Concierge, whom I have fangirled about all over the various socials. Organization isn't their only service, but it's the one I have used most often. 

Recently I asked Kat, the owner of Uptown Concierge, if she would share her top 5 Tips for Spring Cleaning & Organizing. She nicely obliged, and now we can all beat hoarding together. You're welcome.

1. When it's time to purge and organize, start in one room (the space that drives you crazy every single day). Don't overwhelm yourself with deciding to organize the entire house at once. 

2. If it can be replaced for $20 or less, in 20 minutes or less, get rid of it. It's not worth taking up valuable space in your home. 

3. Create a designated bin for each family member to store mementos, drawings, school work, etc.

4. Throw out your guilt. Don't keep something you don't like, or don't use, just because someone gave it to you. It is your home, your space, and your sanity. Clear out the extras. 

5. Labels are your best friend.  

Sherri's note: SO IS UPTOWN CONCIERGE. Call them, text them, email them. They are smarter and better than you.  See my photographic evidence below. I rest my case. 

Until we are all organized AF,