granny pants

floral pants | wayf camisole | splendid shoes | madewell tote | mvmt sunglasses (use code SHERRI15 for $15 off your purchase) 

No disrespect to grandmas, y'all. I can't wait to be a sassy, fashion blogging, granny #boss one day. 

I'll probably still be wearing these pants, to be honest. They're THAT good.

You've probably noticed that floral pants are all the rage on the gram these days. And I get it. Even though I am not typically a florals kinda gal, I adore these. And here's why:

1. They are loose and have an elastic waistband. And honestly, that's really enough for me to ask for their hand (leg?) in marriage. 

2. The pattern isn't super, over the top, floral-y, which I enjoy. It's a smaller print, and I love the color combo so much. 

3. There is actually a super cute matching top that goes with them. Unfortunately, on me, it appeared that I was wearing my pjs with high heels. Although I am certainly not opposed to doing so in life, I preferred the pants with this killer tank instead.

4, Finally, they can be high waisted if you want 'em to be. Which um, yes. ALL THE HIGH WAISTS is my new life motto. Because muffin top doesn't stand a change against a good high-waist. 

In case these particular granny pants don't strike your fancy, I'm rounding up a few other options that I LOVE. And if you want to let me borrow them, I'm down. 

Until next time,