friday favorites : swimsuit edition

It's friday favorites time! And YOU get a bathing suit, and YOU GET A BATHING SUIT. (Unless you don't want one. Also you have to buy it. Do I look like Oprah over here?)

Wait, gimme a minute to think about what it would be like to be Oprah. I would give stuff away all the live long day. And call myself Shoprah. This is obviously normal and NOT WEIRD AT ALL to be thinking about. 


Wanna know what's NOT MY FAVORITE? Packing 3 humans for vacation. Especially little ones. Like the one who keeps trying to sneak 500 stuffed animals into her suitcase, along with a random piece of trash, a paperclip, and other insane things we DON'T NEED TO TAKE ON VACATION.


I'll bet TLC has a show about that. I'd watch it.

(Who am I kidding. We would totally star in it.)

Anyway, y'all, our upcoming beach trip has bathing suits on my mind. Mainly because I don't want to actually wear one.  Is it weird if I swim in my gym shorts and a t-shirt? Asking for a friend. 

Regardless, I've been busy fulfilling my official blogger duties and rounding up my current faves. Or as SOME PEOPLE like to call it "pointless online shopping" since "you already have 14 bathing suits you don't wear."  


These are all universally flattering, for the most part. And don't hate because I threw in some two-pieces. SOME OF US have long torsos, and SOME OF US look like weird gymnasts from the 80's when they wear one pieces. 

Enjoy, friends. And may you enjoy your bathing suit situation wherever this holiday weekend takes you. 

P.S. Guys, SINCE it's a holiday weekend and we are celebrating AMERICA, we can all shop our faces off, guilt-free.  Dollars don't count on holiday weekends. Neither do calories. 

False. Both very false. 

But since I'm not a good influence so ON IT with my blogger duties today, here are the sales that ya need to hit.

Ann Taylor (pick up some fab summer staples) - 50% off everything with code JUST BEACHY

Frame Denim (I would freaking marry Frame Denim if I could) - additional 25% off 4th of July Sale

Lucky Brand (LOVE their bathing suits btw!) - up to 60% off

SheIn (CUTEST trends for ridiculously good prices, y'all) - up to 60% off 

Happy shopping and swimsuit-ing,