the best white denim

articles of society distressed denim | tobi camo teemadewell transport tote |  vince camuto bootie | photo by jnelly photography

When I tell you that white denim is an ALL SEASON STAPLE, I know there are those of you that are all, But, Sherri, what does that MEAN? It means you need to get your hands on some flattering white jeans, FAST. (I mean, don't steal them or anything. But do overnight them to your house if possible.) 

Truth is, it's ALMOST as hard to find a great pair of white jeans, as it is to find a bathing suit that makes you want to prance around the beach without a coverup, playing volleyball and doing yoga.

In other words, extremely unlikely to AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. 

A bad pair of white jeans has the unique ability to show off every lump and bump you possess.  And I think we've all fallen victim to a bad white jean, yes?

BUT. I have to tell y'all, I have a GOOD WHITE JEAN. Two of them actually. And I don't think I'm being overly confident when I say that I am your new best friend. 

(Whether you want me to be or not.)

Because we're BFF, I have a splurge-y version for all my splurge-y type ladies, but I ALSO HAVE A $60 VERSION. YES. I am type-shouting at you because you need to go get a pair of these jeans QUICK.  Because they are obviously being given away for free.

Get your online shopping fingers ready, friends. Let's do this.

SPLURGE : AG "The Legging" Cutoff Ankle Skinny 

These are my two absolute go-tos. AG is known for great denim, with just the right amount of stretch and sucks-you-in-ness (because I am technical and fancy).

Articles of Society, on the other hand, is SO AFFORDABLE, yet keeps up with the big designer denim companies in terms of quality. I also usually have to size down, so not only do I have more $ in my wallet at the end of the day, I also feel skinnier. 




Until next time,