i blame jennifer garner

Today we're gonna get into some friday faves, but my favoritest thing about today is that it's my BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY!  (The answer is yes. You DO have to say it like Oprah would.)


I'd like to tell you that I'm one of those "OH DON'T CELEBRATE ME, IT'S CELEBRATION ENOUGH JUST TO BE ALIVE" kind of people. 

I think we all know that would be a lie. 

I'm more the, HEYYYYYYYY, IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH AND WE WILL CELEBRATE FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF AUGUST.  If I love you enough, you'll probably get a typed and linked up wish list, and lots of SUPER SUBTLE hints about the kind of cake I want to have. (Funfetti)

You're welcome. 

(Just know that I'll be pretending this is my 27th birthday. For MANY years to come. It would be rude to argue.)

Anyway, I kind of thought my 30's would be this amazing decade of confidence and FUN, in which I would have perfect skin, know all the steps to the thriller dance, become a huge success at my job, and just be generally cute and awesome. I like to refer to this as the THIRTY, FLIRTY, AND THRIVING syndrome. Thanks, Jennifer Garner. I blame you.

(No. I really don't, and I actually want to be your best friend, in a way that is completely normal and not at all stalker-y.)

Anyway, I've been on the 30's ride for awhile (AHEM, don't speculate, RUDE), and none of the above has yet happened. And if I'm being honest, a large portion of my 30's has involved completely winging it, and praying that it all works out. 

But for today, I'm gonna embrace the chaos that is 30 (ISH), and focus on the good stuff. 

A.K.A. my birthday wish list. And like I tell John every year, I share this with you OUT OF LOVE.  Duh. 

Feel free to click on the images above, OR shop my birthday faves via this FANCY, FANCY WIDGET. 


Until next time,