what time is it?

on sherri : c/o JORD "Reece" Watch | BP Blouse | Treasure and Bond Denim, sold out, similar here | Wedge Booties

on john : c/o JORD "Conway" Watch | outfit - let's be honest, we don't care what he's wearing. Because, a) guy clothes are boring and, b) he looks good in EVERYTHING. If he ever decides to start Rage Against the Dad Jean, I'll let y'all know. 

What time is it? Time for you to get a watch! 

Warning: Don't teach your 7 year old this joke, unless you're prepared to hear it about 137 times a day.

But, y'all. The point is this-- get yourself a JORD watch. And then get one for your significant other. Mostly because you love him. But also because then he can't be mad at you for spending money. 

And maybe just a tiny bit because you want to snag his watch for yourself, and wear it on the reg. 

Basically, you get two watches out of the deal, plus major points for giving a kick butt gift.  

And guys, JORD is partnering with RATMJ to giveaway a $100 e-giftcard! Just click here to enter.  PLUS, even if you don't win the contest, you will STILL receive a $25 gift code to buy yourself a dang cool watch. NO MATTER WHAT. Lemme spell this out for you--you're gonna get $25 off, just for entering the contest. 

Couple reminders: JORD watches are SO good. They are made of the prettiest wood, and have such gorgeous detailing. I wear mine ALL THE TIME, no joke.  And you'll wear yours too. 

And probably his.  #letsbehonest

Until next time,


Disclaimer : The contest will close September 3rd at 11:59pm. As a reminder, winner receives $100 E Gift Code. All other entrants receive a $25 E Gift Code. The $100 and $25 Gift Codes will expire September 30th, 2017.