menswear with a twist

topshop shirt (scroll down for more fun options) | pilcro denim | sam edelman shoes (40% off y'all!) | regan allison designs earrings | rebecca minkoff bag | photo by jnelly photography 

Y'all, I have to admit something to you. I've never really enjoyed button up shirts.. For starters, I don't even know how to say it correctly. Is it button UP? Or button DOWN? Or BUTTON FRONT? Also, how far should it be unbuttoned? Like, do I go full on Duggar and button all the way up to the top? OR, should I get a little Kardashian-ish with it? 

(Ummm, HARD PASS.)

Not to mention, button ups always feel a little CHOKE-y, and I'm not a fan. Just. NOT. 

(Which is a problem when you're a style blogger, because MENSWEAR y'all. Menswear is the ISH right now. Honestly, it's always pretty much the ISH.)

Anyway, I found the most perfectly flattering, non-choke-y, button up/down/front. It is SO GOOD y'all. And if you're not into this one, there are so many fun, feminine twists on these traditionally menswear tops. And I'm gonna enable your crazy spending habit helpfully point y'all in the right direction.

It's my bloggerly duty.