dressing day to night

Y'all. I am really not what you'd call a "dress person." In fact, if you know me IRL, you know that I'm more what they call a "sweatpants and t-shirt person." However, there don't seem to be too many fashion blogs about sweatpants these days. And sometimes we just need to get out of our sweatpants comfort zone and into a cute dress. Just to remind ourselves that OH HEY! Dressing up can be fun too!

(As long as it's only for a few hours, and I can jump right back into an elastic waistband immediately after.)

(Because, ATTRACTIVE.)

Anyway, this dress rocks because it can go daytime, OR pull double duty as a night out look. And it's under 100 bucks.  Which as we all know means that it is nearly FREE and oh HECKS YES, GO BUY THIS THANG.

Until next time,