the perfect date shirt

asos cold-shoulder top | articles of society denim (amazing price!) | rebecca minkoff clutch | louise et ice booties | photos by jnelly photography

Y'all remember how, pre-kids, you used to spend an insane amount of time prepping for a date night? You probably shaved your legs, executed the perfect smoky eye, and rocked your cutest minidress. You likely didn't have a reservation until 8pm earliest. And after dinner, you may have even gone to listen to some live music. You were young. You were cool. And you didn't have to worry about waking up at 2am with a screaming baby. 

POST-kids, you spend two weeks trying to find a babysitter, only to have her cancel the day of your date. After frantically looking for a backup, you decide that any HUMAN capable of sitting beside a monitor is FINE. You ask the babysitter to get to your house around 5, so you can arrive at the restaurant in time for the early bird special. Babysitter has to pull a screaming toddler off your leg, at which point you guilt-sprint your way to the car.  Your date lasts until approximately 8:02pm, at which point you decide to listen to some music.....on your way home to netflix. 

Regardless of the stage in which you currently find yourself, this asos top slays the date night game. It has all the fun things...ruffles, stripes, and cold shoulder detail. It also just so happens to have an affordable price tag!  #winning 

P.S. word on the street is that a certain romantic holiday is coming up. This look is the perfect V-day ensemble in my book. Shop it here >>

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