the choker tee

all saints leather jacket | topshop tee | AG denim | rebecca minkoff backpack | chloe booties (killer dupes for less here) |  photos by jnelly photography

Every once in awhile, an outfit comes along and you quickly recognize it as the outfit version of a soulmate. 

Because that's not weird. AT ALL.

This is my outfit soulmate.  I mean, it's a graphic tee with a built in choker (just marinate on that awesomeness for a minute), a leather jacket, studded booties, and gray distressed jeans. Yes, yes, yes, and HECKS YES, people!

I may even start calling this "the Sherri." 

(I mean, no one else will. But I can if I want to.)

Tips for finding your (outfit) soulmate: 

1. Identify the items in your closet that you wear on the regular. 

(Yes. Yoga pants are also my soulmate. It's fine.)

2. Pay attention when random acquaintances say things like, OH SHERRI, I've never seen you without (FILL IN THE BLANK). 

(Starbucks? Stains on my shirt? Flat shoes? Yes. #truth)

3. What items would you grab if there was a fire? (I mean, in addition to your CHILDREN. But let's be honest. These booties are up there with my children. And THEY don't sass me.)


4. When your friends tell you that an outfit is "so you," then congratulations. You have found your (outfit) soulmate, and can now mark yourself in a relationship on Facebook. 

Or not. Unless you want to; I won't judge.

Until next time,