the minidress

free people minidress | sole society bootie, similar (yet even more awesome) here | rayban sunglasses | photo by jnelly photography

The minidress. It's a love-hate kinda relationship, in my opinion. Like, if I'm a petite person, this could feasibly be a minidress. 

If I am ME, then I probably cannot reasonably wear this for any kind of situation that involves the following: bending, sitting, or getting out of a limo. In other words, it's a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. 

At any rate, I could wear this as a dress last year. This was before the FALL and WINTER of BAD DECISIONS happened. And while the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is helping me, ahem, reverse some of those decisions, this is still dead to me as a dress. Henceforth, it is a tunic in my book (to be worn with leggings, denim, and possibly even some sassy tights, if I get crazy.)

Regardless of where you fall on the "dress/tunic" argument, this dress is SO. GOOD. that Free People continues to bring it back year after year. This year, there's an amazing sunflower color that I am obsessed with. 

Maybe even enough to wear it as a dress. 

(But probably not.)

Until next time,