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spring break : do's and don'ts

It's that time again, friends. The time where we say BLESS OUR HEARTS and WE CAN (possibly) DO THIS.  

It's spring break, y'all.  

Spring break USED TO mean that I would throw my cutest bathing suits into an overstuffed duffel bag, pile into someone's mom's minivan, and drive 12 hours straight to Miami. Because COLLEGE.

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summer. we've got this.

It's here, y'all. We've almost survived the school year. Let's ignore the fact that there are 37 projects due in the next week and a half. (Don't mind me. I'm just over here stress eating nutella and crying.) 

(Oh, and basically doing AG's project. You know, to reward her for making the excellent decision to procrastinate until the very last minute.) 

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dear coffee

dear coffee,

I love you. You give me ALL THE FEELS. I know that I could not go a day without you, and although some might feel that is slightly rash or completely shameful, I literally do NOT GIVE A FLYING FLIP. 

I love you like my 3rd child. Except that you GIVE me energy. So there may be (ARE.) days where you're totally my favorite. Shhhh. Don't tell the others. 

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