summer. we've got this.

Summer feels a lot like this picture: hot and very, very awkward. 

It's here, y'all. We've almost survived the school year. Let's ignore the fact that there are 37 projects due in the next week and a half. (Don't mind me. I'm just over here stress eating nutella and crying.) 

(Oh, and basically doing AG's project. You know, to reward her for making the excellent decision to procrastinate until the very last minute.) 


Now we have summer to look forward to. And you mamas KNOW what this means. 

Summer camps. Do I sign them up for ALL the camps? (and therefore sign myself up for a summer of SANITY and peace?) Or do I make them free play all summer like it's the 1950's? (That's what Facebook says, and y'all know the best parenting wisdom is found on SOCIAL MEDIA.)

(Also, NO.)

image via dumpaday

Pool Season. Gone are the days of stressing over my bathing suit body....hahahahaha because that ship has sailed. You go to the pool this summer, and you're seeing some cellulite. #sorrynotsorry


No, now I get to stress about wrestling sunscreen onto my children. Packing the pool bag. Unpacking the pool bag. REPACKING THE FREAKING POOL BAG.  Whether I brought enough snacks. Why the snack bar charges seventeen dollars per popsicle. And where are all the NANNIES SO I CAN ENJOY A BEVERAGE AND SIT ON A CHAIR????? Is that too much to ask?


Family Vacations. Can somebody just get me some nutella and a spoon? And maybe a brown paper bag to hyperventilate into? Because I literally. can't. even. 

Unpacking from the vacation- No. Nonononononononononono. 

(The vacation part, I can handle.  I'm brave like that.)

Disclaimer: Yes. I know we are lucky to be able to go on vacation. But just because we are fortunate enough to do it, doesn't mean I'm not going to make fun of it.

Anyway, whether you're summer camping all the live-long day, OR summering like it's the 1950's, we've GOT THIS. 

Pool bag be darned.