shorts season

judith march convertible shirt | rag and bone shorts (more options linked below!) | free people shoes | rebecca minkoff bag | bp sunglasses | photos by jnelly photography 

If you're like me, the expression "shorts season," probably strikes at least a little fear in your heart.

And if you're not like me, CONGRATULATIONS. You're still under the age of 25. 

In all seriousness, I used to be the girl who NEVER WORE SHORTS. IN GEORGIA. IN JULY. I may or may not have worn jeans to the pool, I was so uncomfortable with the way my legs looked in shorts. You see, I was gifted with what people refer to as "muscular" legs. But all I could see was heavy, fleshy, and all the other words that we hope to God no one ever calls us. Out loud.

Then everything changed and my legs magically got skinny.

jk. what actually happened was this: I had a daughter. A daughter who would become old enough to notice me wearing jeans when it's 95 degrees outside. AND I realized that I do NOT want to pass my body image issues down to her.

(I mean, let's be honest. I'm already gonna pass down an unhealthy love of sugar, trashy tv, and arguing, so we really don't need to add anything else.)

All that to say, now I wear shorts.  Even when my legs are pale and spider-veiny (which is always), and even when I don't feel like it.  And YOU SHOULD TOO.  Especially any of these which are almost probably either living in my closet or on their way to my house.

Until next time,