what I learned in europe

hudson denim | treasure & bond sweater (similar) | all saints jacket | adidas sneakers | rebecca minkoff backpack

Hi peeps! Sorry for the blog break I've been taking, but we have been on an epic vacation to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna. It's been amazing, but I have to admit that I am more than ready to head back to the A, and hug my littles SO TIGHT THAT THEY BEG ME TO STOP EMBARRASSING THEM. 

(And then, the next day, I'll probably be ready to head back to Europe, because, you know. CHILDREN.)

Regardless, I wanted to hop on quickly and share a few things I've learned during the past week and a half of traveling: 

1. Hearing a police siren pretty much anywhere over here makes me expect Jason Bourne to race around a corner on a motorcycle and destroy something. 

2. My #travelstyle is decidedly American. I like bright colors, y'all. Europeans DON'T. And they really don't wear bright blue sneakers. But don't worry. I DO. Like ERRY DAY.  Also, you will likely bring a 53 lb suitcase full of great looks. And then you'll wear approximately 3 of them.  Sherri's travel style tip? Wear the same thing over and over. And over. 


3. Budapest now joins my short list of all time favorite cities in the world.

4. Goulash on the other hand, DOES NOT join my list of favorite international foods.  

5. On the topic of food, Europeans enjoy putting "foam" on everything. "Foam" makes me want to gag, and ensures I will not eat it. 

Dear Europe, 

The word "foam" is horrifying. Please don't ruin your delicious food by topping it with asparagus foam, or truffled elephant oil foam. I will not eat this, even if you've hidden a chocolate croissant under there. And that is really saying something.

P.S. I pretty much love everything else about you.

Prague. Holy Beautiful. 

Prague. Holy Beautiful. 

6. Every building is more beautiful than the next. Seriously. I would look up and be like, OH WHAT'S THAT BUILDING, IT'S GORGEOUS?!?!?  And our tour guide would be all, it's just a gynecologist's office. Settle down, American. 


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7. Over here, Sherri Europe Shopping Math applies. This is basically where I pretend not to understand the exchange rate and therefore assume that everything is cheaper in whatever obscure European money we are using in that particular country.  I think John is starting to NOT BUY IT.

mango cardigan | anthropologie tank | ag denim | louise et cie booties (similar here) | nordstrom choker

Like with the above cardigan. What? 3 million forints doesn't equal 2 American dollars? WHOOPS.

8. Being away from your kids for this long will likely make you start fawning all over every kid you see. This WILL earn you creeper status. 

And here come the Jason Bourne sirens. 

P.S. For all those who want to shop the post, gotcha covered! Happy Monday, y'all!