cropped denim

honestly most of this outfit isn't available anymore. #badsherri | you CAN currently shop this choker , these shoes, and this clutch. see below for my favorite updated cropped denim.

Look guys, I'm not trying to brag (YES I AM), but I'm basically wearing pajama jeans in this picture. In public. On the internet. I feel like a pajama jean wearing boss

(Let's act like that statement is cool and not sad, okay?)

Unfortunately, these elastic waistbanded beauties aren't available, and I can't link ya to anything similar. Believe me I've tried. Because #pajamajeansforpresident #seriouslyputthemontheballot 

Either way, the basic principle of this outfit is the same. FIND SOME WIDE LEG CROPS, Y'ALL! And if you feel like I'm shouting at you, it's because I AM. This style is perfect for those of us who don't enjoy flashing our upper thighs with wild abandon, but still like to not DIE OF HEAT STROKE during the summer. 

Here are a couple of how-tos for ya:

1. Pair with some strappy wedges, sandals, or other shoe that is not a clunky sneaker. SOME PEOPLE can get away with wearing a wide leg crop and an "I'm so zany, look at my chunky flat sneaker-y shoes." And by some people, I mean MAYBE Gigi Hadid and some of her fashionable friends. Even then, I am unconvinced. 

2. Most wide leg crops are HIGH-WAISTED. (And all the mamas rejoiced.) Therefore, you won't have any plumber crack situation going on, AND you can try a cropped top without fear. Let's be real, I fear cropped tops nearly as much as I fear flying.

(Do they prescribe Xanax for that?)

I've rounded up a few of my favorites, at a few different price points for y'all below. 

Happy We Almost Made It Thursday