friday faves : jet lag edition

Happy Friday friends! I've rounded up a few favorites to kickstart your weekend. You know what's NOT my favorite? Being welcomed home by some raging jet-lag, and a kid with EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA. 

You just need to know that this entire blog MAY OR MAY NOT MAKE SENSE. 

And this time, I have a valid excuse. 

1. RATMJ Feature in Simply Buckhead - y'all. I may or may not have SHRIEKED EXCITEDLY (like a lot) over being featured in Simply Buckhead this month. My good friend, Jennifer, wrote the article, and not only is she an amazing writer, she made me sound way cooler than I am in real life. I would LOVE for you to read the article, which you can conveniently do right HERE

a monthly subscription box filled with ALL THE FUN THINGS? Yes ma'am, sign me the heck up!

a monthly subscription box filled with ALL THE FUN THINGS? Yes ma'am, sign me the heck up!

2. Hey Shabby Me Subscription Box - guess what, guys? THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT GIFT FOR THE MOTHER IN YOUR LIFE. Rumor has it, there's a little holiday coming up to celebrate her, and imma go ahead and tell you, she will LOVE THIS fun subscription box from my friends at Hey Shabby Me. Sign up here, and then thank me for how simple I just made your Mother's Day Shopping. 

(Don't act like you didn't wait until now to shop either, you little procrastinators. You're my people.)

3. This article about Mother's Day Brunch is genius, and basically made me laugh to myself like a creeper in Starbucks. Good times.


5. FASTer Way To Fat Loss

I know. I feel sales-y about continuously pimping this program out too. I am not a salesperson. Just ask that ill-fated recruiting job I had for about a minute back in my twenties. BUT, y'all. This is my 3rd round and this program is SO WORTH IT. I'm still seeing changes in my body, but also in my mindset around food. (This past week not included, because on vacation my mindset is ALL THE BREAD! ALL THE TREATS! ALL THE CHOCOLATE! I'm pretty sure that's what they refer to as balance.) 

There's a round starting May 22nd, and only a few spots left....there's also now a men's group, a cookbook, and a cleanse. Y'all, I'm telling you. IT. WORKS. You can read more about my experience here if you're on the fence. And then you can hop the heck over it. 

Also my favorite? ALL OF YOU READING THIS.  Fangirling hard over each of you. 

Until next time,