mom style : blush edition

leith dress | pilcro jacket | steve madden sneakers | rebecca minkoff backpack | noonday collection earrings | twine and twig necklace | photos by jnelly photography 

Since I know y'all are already planning your mother's day outfits (you are my people), I thought I would throw up this little gem. It's basically the PERFECT #momstyle outfit, and let me tell ya why:

1. The shoe are FLAT. Yes, ma'am, that means your feet will stay comfortable on mother's day, and, unless someone is rubbing them (JOHN), I want my feet to be in comfy shoes. Basically at all times.

2. You can wear this to church. You can wear this to brunch. You can wear this to sit on your rear and binge watch Friends. No judgement here, y'all. It's the one day a year that is all about you. 

Well. Except your birthday. Your half-birthday. Valentine's Day. The occasional Wednesday. But you should still totally live it up. 

3. The sweet, sweet mom backpack. Listen up y'all, if you haven't pulled the trigger on this, then I give you full permission. (I mean. I don't pay your bills or anything, so take that for what it's worth. Which you should understand is NOT MUCH.)

In conclusion, wear yourself a dress with some pockets, sneaks, and a denim jacket. Throw on a backpack and you. are. SET for this occasion. 

Or just the random Wednesday. 

Until next time,